Symbolic Pictures is an industry leader in creating visuals for advertising, commercial production, films, gaming, event launches and new media.

Who We Are

Symbolic Pictures is a full service concept through completion production house that is comprised of a veteran team of animation artists and producers. Throughout our history, we have maintained a single-minded focus on creating high quality imagery, while upholding the highest production standards. Day by day, our team works tirelessly to make sure that we deliver the best product possible. We specialize in creating the right look and feel of your product while respecting the scope of work, budget, and timelines necessary to complete it. We have the ability and bandwidth to take your project, regardless of size, from its conceptual beginnings to its final delivery.

We know that you want the best for your organization and we know how to deliver that. If you like the technical side of what we provide – here’s what we can do:

  • Cutting-edge digital computer animation
  • Motion capture
  • Motion Graphics
  • Post Production
  • Traditional animation

Our studio is a “concept-to-completion” one-stop provider of everything from character design, writing, storyboarding, directing, modeling, data capture, animation, rendering, editing, and sound design.

“We liked the same teams, we were both studying visual arts and it just sort of happened. After a few years we began doing more cinematic stuff and it’s really blossomed.” That’s some of what CEO, Producer and Lead Animator Clayt Ratzlaff had to say when asked to talk about how Symbolic started.

Mirroring that, Creative Director Andy Kreiser said, “We started out doing simple film and editing projects for some smaller clients in Chico after graduated from college. And as we grew we were able specialize more. With 3D animation you can suspend the laws of physics, you can make a character do anything you want, and you’re not limited by acting talent, you’re only limited by your imagination.”

The combination of creativity, skill and a passion for its clients gives Symbolic the edge over the competition and brings clients back year after year for more.


Post Production Made Easy. Key Players



Clayt has a degree in Fine Arts and over two decades of 3D animation work experience including work with Amblin Entertainment, Steven Spielberg, Leo Burnett Agency, McDonald's, Sony Online America, Viacom, Many NFL, MLB, NHL and CFL teams, Vivendi Universal, EA Games, Sega, Moose Toys, Spin Master, Wire Stone and Mattel to name a few. All this and he’s had time to raise a family and navigate the helm of Symbolic Pictures since 2006. He is a “can do” team player, who loves to lead his team into large projects with impossible deadlines. Bottom line: He will make sure your project gets done on time and within budget.


Clayt Ratzlaff

CEO, Producer, Lead Animator


Andy is the guy you want in the room. The board room, the editing room, the conference room…Andy’s creative energy and experience make him the go-to-guy in many situations. He’s produced programming for ESPN, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, History Channel as well as BBDO, The Marketing Arm, Moses Anshell, and Cramer-Kresselt. In addition to his creative work at Symbolic, Andy developed business plans and profitable production models that helped the company acquire new clients focusing on a variety of 3D and motion graphics projects for corporate clients including Dodge, Pontiac, Chrysler-Jeep, Toyota, Tostitos, Konika-Minolta, Mid 1st Bank, The Fiesta Bowl, University of Phoenix, Lowes, Papa Johns, US Airways, Air Canada, Cox Cable and Dunkin’ Donuts.


Andy Kreiser

Creative Director


Bryan is what you call a video game monster. No, he doesn’t sit in his basement playing games all day. He has, however, worked on popular video game titles like Tony Hawk, Spiderman, Ultima Online and Crash Nitro Kart among others. He’s animated for N64 and Xbox and recently his focus has been on mobile platform gaming. He’s also responsible for character animation at Symbolic and he’s wicked good at it. Before Symbolic he led art departments at Vicarious Visions, Mesa Logic, Edge of Reality, VisionScape Interactive, Ion Storm and Origin Systems.


Bryan Pritchard

Lead Animator